Massage Therapy

In today’s fast paced life most often we forget or have no time or energy to even stretch our bodies just so that our blood circulation gets a much needed thrust. Much before the modern massage therapy evolved, an ancient way of treatment from nature called Ayurveda originated in remote corner of India which involved massage as cure for lot of ailments.

Ayurveda suggests massage as a cure for many physical and mental illness. Massage is not as simple as running well- oiled hands over a patient’s body, It requires knowledge of the human body, the correct way and amount of pressure to be used. There are multiple pressure points spread across human body, pressure points are aggregates of nerves, these nerves further control muscular motion, act as sensor for various senses etc.

When these pressure points are gently nudged with the right amount of pressure, the nerves get rejuvenated and gets a lease of new life one could say. Also during massage the muscles are thrust into their original positions and releases any spasms or any damaged muscle fibers.

The feeling of wellness one feels during and after massage is due to this reignition of both body’s nerves and muscle tissue, massage also prompts brain to release feel good hormones and is proved to help people with depression to lighten up their moods. A fully trained masseuse who has done all the required massage courses can change your life. Honestly massage therapy has not received its due recognition globally. A lot of solid medical research needs to be done to firmly validate all of its benefits.